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Poor land use planning and zoning policies may disrupt a community, especially when issues of environmental quality, natural resources, or wildlife habitat are involved. Such challenges may overshadow or undermine public and private goals for community character. Tools exist to address these issues--but most are hidden from public view. This site attempts to reveal useful tools.

Disrespect for land and natural resources is a common theme in our society. It pervades public and private agendas. The disrespect usually derives from ignorance, and may involve questionable ethical intent. WTG takes the only sane approach: Respond on all fronts! Therefore, materials here are at times formal, at others passionate.

Our Mission
With the Grain is dedicated to educating people about their effect on the environment, and motivating them to make informed, responsible decisions.
Our efforts have focused in the four areas outlined below.

Community Planning
Providing planning and zoning solutions geared toward natural resource conservation and preservation, through public education, resource advocacy support, and documented alternatives for specific sites and local conditions. You need Reason to Plan.

Resource Protection
Assisting individual landowners in private efforts to preserve their special lands and other high quality sites, by identifying financial incentives, documenting preferred techniques, and providing technical support. Consider the Nature of Preservation for land important to you.

Educational Commentary
Creating and distributing meaningful educational materials, including With the Grain magazine, Environmental Update cable broadcasts, topical editorials, and public presentations throughout Michigan. These materials are Spoken Softly, with a big stick.

Field Studies
Documenting significant populations of the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina), associated natural communities and native species, and techniques for effective stewardship of all, through comprehensive, long-term field studies. Unfortunately, most are Waiting to Die.
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Reason to Plan Preservation Spoken Softly Waiting to Die

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