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Your township, village, or city may have many planning documents. County, regional, and state agencies have either more authority, or more data. It's not easy finding everything relevant. The document names below may at least help in finding the right department. Once you're there, ask to see everything. Read, review, and remember!

Key Documents in Local Land Use

State Enabling Acts

Regional or County Plans

Municipal Land Use, Master, or Comprehensive Plan

Read!     Review!     Remember!

Key Documents in Local Land Use

The most relevant documents typically are those written locally. However, don't ignore county, regional, state (or even federal) plans, especially for resources that cross municipal boundaries. Good examples include transportation, water resources, and rare species. Now and then something astonishing rises from a distant document--a national historical site, or an enormously polluted one, for example.

No matter how much data you gather on your locality, another technical or legal document exists that discusses resources next door. Keep looking!

Land Use Plan (Townships, Villages, and Cities)
A Land Use Plan provides a...

Comprehensive Plan (Any municipality, Counties
Your Comprehensive Plan may need to be rewritten.

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