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Links below are current as of July, 2014. This list isn't complete for any specific topic. It simply points to sites that answer questions, or pose interesting new ones, on every visit. We select for pages that are fast, friendly, and free from annoying gimmicks. Caution: the preferred link pages are great, and can easily consume the rest of your day.

Selections from Among the Best

Pace University Land Use Law Center or their Land Use Law Library (often specific to New York).
Pace has given a gift to all living things (and politicians who'd like to be), by clarifying how land use policy works. Consider all their land use publications.

Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) or their recommended links.
GLIN's site is so big and comprehensive, you may not need other suggestions. It's organized to help you to find what you want by location, or by subject.

Land Trust Alliance (LTA) or their member regional and local land trusts.
LTA is a clearinghouse for policy and practice in preserving quality lands. It has member organizations everywhere. A thousand lands trusts can't be wrong.

Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) or their recommended links.
SWS delivers the science on everything wetlandish. Don't worry if you don't understand part of it; the folks destroying wetlands don't understand any of it.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOMWC).
One of the best wetland and water resource advocates in North America. They understand what can go wrong, and what can be done better, and have written about all of it.

Code of the West
John Clarke, a Commissioner in Larimer County, Colorado has captured the realities missing from your realtor's marketing brochure: "life in the country is different from life in the city."

Current Sprawl Reports
The Sierra Club 1999 Sprawl Report reviewed effectiveness of all fifty United States' land use policies. Michigan tied for last place; thank you, John Engler.

Michigan DEQ Land and Water Management Division
Officials in Lansing generally do as the Governor wants, rather than protecting resources. But some local offices may be helpful, in spite of downward political pressure to ignore all we know about wetlands and the law..

...we will review more sites as time allows. Our apologies. Local land use policy and associated legal battles to protect critical habitat have taken priority over this publication.

At the risk of adding another un-edited list of links to the web, we provide our rough draft, below. Perhaps something will appeal to you. All links were current as of 01 Oct 2001.

Michigan and Great Lakes Data Resources

Great Lakes Information Network

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Michigan Land Use Institute (see especially publications)

Flow Data for Upper Peninsula Streams Tributary to Lake Michigan

Wetland Definition and Delineation

US Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual

US Army Corps of Engineers District Regulatory Offices

US Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District

Types of Wetlands and Their Roles in the Watershed

Hydric Soils Technical Notes

EPA Office of Wetlands

Association of State Wetland Managers' Bookshelf

Wetland Flora and Fauna

Midwestern Wetland Flora

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

National Wetlands Inventory

Species, Biodiversity, and Ecology

USFWS Databases

USFWS Habitat Assessment

USFWS Online: see Wetland Publications and Journals Newsletters

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Plants Database

Northern Prairie Biological Resources

Ecological Society of America

Endangered Species of the Great Lakes


USDA: Water Resources and Agriculture

Academic and Research Resources

Google Scholar, for academic research

Science Direct, academic journals

Congressional Research Service Reports

Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine

Forest Resources Institute

Code of Federal Regulations On Line

Natural Resource Jobs and Employment

Science Magazine Jobs

USGS Job Announcements

Cyber-Sierra: Jobs in Water, Wetland and Fisheries

Other Links

American Geophysical Union

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