With the Grain Spoken Softly
Many community 'leaders' just don't get it, no matter how the evidence piles up. Does your opinion matter? Even at a public hearing, they don't listen. A different tone may help the hearing-impaired. We've tried many approaches. Do they work? Well, at least we feel better when we're done.

Pay No Attention
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." (The Wizard of Oz, 1939).

Does that sound like your community leadership? If not, count yourself lucky. If so, what are you doing about it? Dorothy had to ask several times, but all she had to do was keep asking.

Addicted to Sprawl
Is land in your community used as prescribed, or are you hooked on downers? Has anyone overdosed yet? Just one official or landowner can set an entire community into a cycle of abuse. There are many warning signs. Citizens must learn how to recognize the signs, and help the afflicted.
Whose Asphalt Is It?
Land use decisions in rural areas are made largely by individual landowners, with little consideration for long-term fuel demands. Can any culture afford traveling this path? What does society assume when we promote isolated residential developments? How may citizens act now toward reducing dangers, both economic and environmental?
Mean Temperatures
Feel like singing? Here's a little ditty to warm up with. It captures all the marvelous fantasy of America's love affair with oil. The melody's up to you! For a petroleum motif, try the Beverly Hillbillies' theme. Feeling patriotic? Battle Hymn of the Republic works nicely.
It's time for environmental music, but big music is owned by big business, so we can't expect too much too soon. Therefore, in a socially conscious tradition, The Environmelodist offers hints for homegrown tunes. And remember: if your lyrics are too depressing, look around -- at least there are endless ideas for new environmelodies!
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